Head and Shoulders solid shampoo bars - go buy them now

If you're a long time reader of this blog you'll know that Tidy's mission is to reduce the number of shampoo bottles men in the UK throw out each year from ~65 million to zero.

I've written several times about how, while I hope Tidy will help kickstart that process, we can't do it alone.

That's why my strategy has been to try and show the big players in the shampoo market that it is possible to make eco-friendly, plastic free, solid shampoo bars that people will buy and that those bars can be sold for a profit.

I want to show them it can be done in an effort to convince them to move away from their plastic dependent product lines and towards a world were most, if not all, men's shampoo comes plastic free.

Well this week I learnt that at least one of the big players in the market, Head & Shoulders*, have dipped their toes into the waters of selling solid shampoo bars 🥳. (I'm under no illusions that Tidy has anything to do with their venturing into this space, but I'm ecstatic that they have.)

Go buy their bars now. Buy as many as you can. I've ordered 3 already.

If you were planning on buying a Tidy bar this week, or soon, don't. Go buy a Head & Shoulders solid shampoo bar instead. 

I'm deadly serious. Yes, buy their product, not mine.

We need to prove to them that there is a demand for their product.

Tell your family, your friends, your colleagues, random people on the street.

Tell as many people as possible to go buy these bars.

Let's see them sold out in every store up and down the land.

Let's show the folks at Head & Shoulders that they are right to dip their toes in these waters and that doing so will lead to profits and kudos from many, many more people than they could have imagined when approving production of their bars.

As I said, I've ordered 3 bars myself. I'll let you know what they're like once I've had a chance to use one.

But don't wait for a review, go order one now.


It genuinely would be really, really tidy if Tidy didn't need to exist. This could be the first step in that being a reality. Let's encourage the old guard to change their ways and do the right thing.



(At time of writing you can buy Head & Shoulders solid shampoo bars from Boots online with £3.33 off their normal price of £9.99, choose from their:


The "buy now" link from the solid shampoo product page on Head & Shoulders website leads to their amazon store, but there don't appear to be any solid shampoo listed there right now 😞. I'll update this link if they appear in the future.)

*It's especially exciting for me that it's Head & Shoulders who have made this move as when I originally started researching the men's shampoo market Head & Shoulders stood out, well... "head and shoulders" above all other men's shampoos as by far the best selling in the UK. If the company behind the best selling men's shampoo can be brave enough to give solid shampoo a try, then the other big brands should be able to do so too. 🤞




The bars have arrived, I've used them and the review is in, read about my first impressions here: Head and Shoulders solid shampoo bars first impressions

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