Men's solid shampoo

Keeps you hair, our rivers and the world's oceans clean.

Not bad for something that fits in the palm of your hand, eh?

Like shampoo. But solid.

Handmade. Vegan-friendly. Organic. Plastic and cruelty-free. Tidy solid shampoo bars for Men are designed to do one thing really, really well. Clean your hair.

No gimmicks.

No celebrity endorsements.

Just a simple product that does its job.

We believe in doing more with less. That's good for your wallet. Good for the planet. Good for us.

That's Tidy.


"It lathers and washes better than other bars I've tried. It also keeps its shape better and doesn't melt away"

Sam from Bristol


"It's absolutely brilliant! It lathered up really well, the fragrance is really good and my hair feels great"

Richard from London


"It sounds silly, but I actually enjoy washing my hair now. I take my time and savour the experience. "

Anon from London


"Used Tidy this morning. Worked well. Hair feels clean now. No claggy residue. Pretty darn good."

David from London


"It’s a really nice product and I will be ordering another. It doesn’t dry your hair like traditional shampoos"

Steven from Bath

Gift card

Looking for something for someone special? A Tidy men's solid shampoo gift card is the perfect idea!