Love Stock Hate Waste

I've written before about how waste is the enemy.

Wasted time, effort, materials, products.

Waste of any sort is a bad thing for any individual, community or company.

At Tidy we deliberately make our solid shampoo for men in small batches to minimise waste.

At Tidy we use the minimum amount of energy when making our shampoo to minimise waste.

Our packaging is recycled and recyclable or compostable, to minimise waste.

Our entire modus operandi is do more, use less.

That's why I'm proud to support the Love Stock Hate Waste campaign from Buy me Once.

Their mission is to end throwaway culture.

They are calling on all brands and retailers to join them in a pledge to donate or redistribute their stock instead of destroying it.

Tidy stock is never destroyed. We've designed our production and distribution systems in such a way that we're never over stocked and don't need to dispose of any shampoo, ever.

Any bar that doesn't 100% meet our quality standards - misshaped, discoloured, etc - is used by me, so there's 0 waste from that point of view too.

But not all brands are designed that way.

If you own or help run a brand or retailer, you too can sign up and support the Love Stock Hate Waste campaign and pledge to do better.

Do more. Use Less.

That's Tidy.

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