Focusing on doing more using less

Do more. Use less.

That's the core philosophy at Tidy. It governs everything we do. And what we don't do.

We focus on this for three reasons: it's good for you, our customer, it's good for the planet and it's good business, which is good for us.

Let's explain...

Doing more, using less is good for you (and your wallet)

Our solid shampoo bar for Men is designed to wash your hair really, really well.

It's also designed to last longer than liquid shampoos. And many other solid shampoos on the market too.

Why? Because it allows you to buy fewer bottles or bars for the same number of days, weeks or even months with nice clean hair.

That's good for your wallet. But it's also good for another reason: it saves you time.

When your shampoo lasts longer you don't have to spend as much time shopping. Or recycling / disposing of packaging. Or worrying about running out of shampoo.

Getting better value for money is always a good thing. But saving time too? That's even better.

Doing more, using less is good for the planet

As well as being designed to last longer, our solid shampoo bars are designed to use less when being made.

By definition a solid shampoo bar requires a lot less water to make when compared to liquid shampoos.

Our process is designed to reduce the amount of energy, time and effort taken to make our shampoo too, so they're more efficient to produce than other shampoos.

And by not needing bottles, or lids, or pumps, or the like our shampoo bars require less packaging compared with other shampoos too.

Less water used. More efficient production. Much less waste.

That's great for the planet.

Doing more, using less is good business

Tidy is a business. We're not shy about that. We need to turn a profit to make this venture work, and that means we need to control costs and sell minimum numbers of our shampoo bars each month to cover those costs and make enough money to keep on investing in improving what we do.

Being efficient in how we produce, market and sell our bars helps us turn a profit.

The principles of lean manufacturing have influenced many industries over the last couple of decades or so, and for good reason. Lean, agile, efficient businesses out perform bloated, slow, overly-complex businesses time and time again. Especially over the longterm.

We're in this for the longterm.

We want to help you do more, use less for years to come.

It's good for you, for the planet and for us.

That's what's called a "win, win, win".

That's Tidy.

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