Using & storing your solid shampoo bar

How to use your solid shampoo bar for Men

Using a solid shampoo bar for Men is straight forward.

  1. first, wet your hair
  2. then rub the bar over your head to work up a lather
  3. then rinse the bar and place it somewhere to dry (ideally a soap dish which will allow it to drain, see below)
  4. work the lather into your hair and scalp
  5. rinse with hot water.

If you get shampoo in your eyes, rinse well with cold water.

As with all shampoos, if this causes irritation to your scalp discontinue use.


Solid shampoo virgin? Some tips for first timers

If you’ve only used commercial, liquid shampoo in the past, you may find your hair doesn’t feel or look quite as you’d expect after your first few washes with a solid shampoo bar. That’s because commercial shampoos contain detergents, silicones and other ingredients that effect your scalp’s natural oil production. When you switch to a natural shampoo bar it can take a while for your scalp to rebalance this production.


How much should I use? 

If you find your hair or scalp feel unusually dry post washing with a solid shampoo bar, ease off on how much you’re using. Liquid shampoos are mostly water, meaning they are massively diluted. A solid shampoo is concentrated, so a little goes a long way…

If your hair isn’t quite as squeaky clean as you’d expect after using a solid shampoo bar, then when you next wash it work up more of a lather and really work it into your hair. 

How much you need to use each time you wash your hair will change depending on your hair’s length too, so if you’re not a frequent barbershop visitor, remember to adjust your lathering accordingly.


Storing your solid shampoo bar for Men

To prolong the life of your solid shampoo bar keep it dry between use.

Store it on a soap dish with holes that allow for draining and it will last much longer than a regular liquid shampoo.


Bonus uses for your solid shampoo bar

While designed to do one thing well - clean your hair - our customers tell us that Tidy solid shampoo bars are pretty versatile.

To date our customers have been using them:

  • To wash their hair (obviously!)
  • To wash their beards
  • As a shaving foam (it lathers up nicely with a good shaving brush)
  • As all over hair and body wash
  • As a hand soap.

Your mileage may vary, but in the spirit of “do more, use less” we salute all who are getting more out of their shampoo.