We promise

One of our guiding principles when starting Tidy was to make sure we have as little negative impact on the world around us as possible. We designed the entire business to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as we could from the beginning.

It's part of who we are.

But we also recognise that we'll always be able to do better.

That's also part of who we are: we ask every day how we can do better than the day before.

So we're listing below how we're doing on that front, where we can do better and when we improve (and we promise that we will) we'll record that here too.


Sourcing materials for our solid shampoo bars for Men

✅ 100% of our ingredients are vegan-friendly. 

✅ 100% of our ingredients are cruelty-free. 

100% of our ingredients are organic.

❌ Unfortunately most of our ingredients are delivered in plastic containers. We reuse, recycle or up-cycle as much as we can. Where possible we order ingredients in refillable containers / reduced packaging, but not all suppliers are able to offer those options currently. We're working on how we can improve in this area.

90% of our shampoo bar ingredients currently come from far flung regions of the World. We're in the process of trying to:

  1. calculate the carbon footprint of each ingredient and therefore each bar
  2. source the raw materials we need from either carbon-neutral suppliers or from suppliers closer to home. We're also always looking to find alternative ingredients where we can.

While we do that we will be over estimating the carbon footprint of each bar and off setting that on an annual basis.


Production of our solid shampoo bars for Men

100% of the equipment we use when making our solid shampoo bars for Men is plastic free. We only use glass, stainless steal or silicon based equipment when making our bars and all of it is reusable.

The electricity and gas we use when making our solid shampoo bars is supplied by a provider who provides 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro and gas that is carbon neutral.

✅ We've optimised our production process to minimise the amount of energy used too. For example when melting the fats and oils to make our bars we only burn gas for about 90% of the melting process, letting the residual heat melt the remaining ingredients.


Curing our solid shampoo bars for Men

❗️Once our shampoo bars have been made they need to cure for about 6 weeks. We do this on plastic trays that are thoroughly washed and reused once each batch has been packaged. As we grow we will be looking to find alternatives to using plastic trays.


Packaging and storing our solid shampoo bars for Men

 We wrap our shampoo bars in coffee filters that are certified compostable, unbleached and chlorine-free.

The labels we use on our bars are biodegradable and made from 100% recycled waste paper. They're also vegan-friendly.

Our bars are stored in cardboard boxes ready to be posted to you. The boxes are up-cycled from other sources.

❗️ The boxes we post our bars to you in are all made from 90% recycled materials and are recyclable themselves. If we can find suitable options that are 100% recycled, we'll use them.

Posting our shampoo bars to you

We post all of our solid shampoo bars via standard Royal Mail post. We could use cheaper alternatives, or offer more "prime" like next day courier services. But we don't want to add extra delivery vans, trucks, etc to the roads. Your Postman / Postwoman is already passing your door regularly, so we're comfortable adding one more package to their rounds.