What Tidy customers say about our solid shampoo for men

We listen to our customers at Tidy. Really listen.

If you want to make the best possible product, you have to.

It's great when they tell us how much they love our shampoo. It helps us know all our hard work is paying off.

It's also great to when they tell us we're not doing so well. It's a chance to improve.

We believe in continuous improvement. And we're always looking for ways to get better at what we do. 

So thanks to all our customers for sharing their thoughts about our solid shampoo. Without your feedback we'd never get better.

Here's what they had to say about using Tidy solid shampoo for men

"It lathers and washes better than other bars I've tried. It also keeps its shape better and doesn't melt away."

- Sam from Bristol

"Used Tidy this morning. Worked well. Hair feels clean now. No claggy residue. Pretty darn good."

- David from London

"It's absolutely brilliant! It lathered up really well, the fragrance is really good and my hair feels great."

- Richard from London

"It sounds silly, but I actually enjoy washing my hair now. I take my time and savour the experience."

- Annon from London

"It works well, smells nice and is lasting a long time. It doesn't lather as much as I'd hoped, but I live in a very hard water area."

- Simon from Royston

"I've been using it every couple of days. It's a great size, smells lush and the branding is wicked. Good value too!"

- Mike from Dartford

"I like it. It's working well but my hair has been a a bit dry looking sometimes, but you do warn not to use too much!"

- Ed from Bath

"It lathers really nicely, and my hair smells great. I appreciate it's not too overpowering."

- Thom from London

"It's a really nice product and I will be ordering another. It doesn't dry your hair like traditional shampoos."

- Steven from Bath