Show. Don't just tell

Show people, don’t tell people. 

That is one of the first things I learnt as a fresh faced graduate joining a large multinational management consultancy many years ago. 

We were in the business of helping organisation change. Get better. More efficient. More productive. 

To make change happen, we were taught to show people the benefits, not just tell folks about them. 

That stuck with me. 

That’s one of the driving forces behind Tidy. 

I believe more products should and can be made and sold in more environmentally friendly ways. 

I believe that there’s a demand for these types of products, if only they were more prevalent. 

I believe that the large corporations of the world who dominate the consumer goods space could and should do more to make eco-friendly products and if they did, folks would choose to buy them over less sustainable alternatives. 

But they don’t believe that. They’ll tell you there’s no demand. They’ll tell you it’s too expensive, or too hard.

Tidy exists to prove them wrong. To SHOW them it is possible to make better products and that folks WILL choose them over alternatives. 

I want to show them what’s possible if they were to set their minds to it. 

If Tidy succeeds, there’ll be no need for Tidy anymore. The big corporations will be making sustainable products on a global scale and it will be normal to buy eco-friendly products. 

That would be a huge win. 

That would be Tidy. 

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