We make solid shampoo for men. Why men? For 64 million reasons

In 2018 in the UK 18,528,000 men used shampoo.

In a survey we ran before starting Tidy 86% of men said they'd never tried a solid shampoo bar.

If we assume 86% of the 18,528,000 men who used shampoo in 2018 also haven't tried, or didn't use solid shampoo, we can guesstimate that 15,934,080 of them used liquid shampoos.

It's probably safe to round that up and say that at least 16 million men used liquid shampoo in the UK that year.

If we conservatively assume that they each used 4 bottles per year, one every three months, collectively they would account for 64 million shampoo bottles being thrown out a year.

64 million.

If we make a less conservative guess and say they each used one bottle a month the number would be an eye-watering 768 million bottles a year!

Millions of bottles that need to be manufactured, transported, filled, transported again, bought, used, rinsed, thrown out, collected and either put into landfill or recycled.

That's a lot of bottles. Using a lot of material, time, energy and effort all of which is unnecessary.

One of our goals at Tidy is to reduce that waste.

We make a solid shampoo bar for men, not because we think the world needs yet another gender specific product, but because we believe that if we offer men an alternative to their current shampoo, we can convince at least some of those 16 million to switch to a less wasteful product.

If we can help convince just 5% of those 16 million to make the switch, that - using our most conservative estimates - could remove over 3 million bottles from circulation in the UK each year.

Three million fewer shampoo bottles needed is just a drop in the ocean of our 64 million estimate, but it would be a good start.

We believe reducing waste is good for the planet and also for business. It's not just about minimising our impact on the environment (though we believe that's really important), it's also about seeking efficiency.

Reducing the amount of material waste we collectively produce is great. Reducing the time, energy and effort wasted producing consuming and dealing with those unneeded materials is equally important.

Imagine a world where our environment is cleaner and our businesses are more efficient.

That's the world we want to live in.

That's Tidy.

(Cover photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash)

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