You don't have to buy our men's solid shampoo to help the cause

This may sound odd, but our goal at Tidy isn't to sell shampoo.

Our goal is to reduce the number of unneeded shampoo bottles used by men in the UK each year from 64,000,000 to 0.

We make and sell our men's solid shampoo bars to try and help reach that goal.

To encourage men to lose their bottle, we wanted to offer an alternative.

Saying "you should try something else" but then not having a something else for them to try didn't seem right. So we made our own.

But we fully support any way you choose to reduce your own use of disposable shampoo bottles.

Don't use shampoo at all if you don't need to, that would be by far the most effective way of reducing waste.

Use a refillable shampoo bottle if you do need to use a liquid shampoo. There are more and more refillable options popping up all over the country. Support your local shop if you can and help a local business while also helping to reduce that 64,000,000 bottles a year figure.

Alternatively use another brand's solid shampoo. We've written before about how even if we could convince every bloke in the UK to lose their bottle and switch to a solid shampoo, we couldn't (currently) make enough shampoo for everyone.

Try one of the growing number of other men's solid shampoos. Any bar you buy will equal one less bottle used this year.

Even try making your own. We shared the recipe for Tidy solid shampoo earlier in the year. If you're comfortable handling the ingredients needed to make shampoo and have the space, give it a go. It's not overly difficult (as long as you're careful). Follow our recipe and you'll have 5 bars. At a minimum that's 5 fewer bottles needed this year, maybe more.

The goal is to reach 0 bottles used each year by men in the UK. We're very happy to be flexible in how we get there.

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