Wild solid shampoo bar - Welcome to the club

Last year I got excited when Head & Shoulders launched a solid shampoo bar for men.

This year I'm equally excited that the folks behind one of the fastest growing eco-friendly deodorant brands in the UK - Wild - are also dipping their toes into the world of solid shampoos. (Not specifically for men, but still...)

Welcome to the club Wild!

If you've not heard of Wild before they're a UK based eco-friendly deodorant subscription company who started in 2019.

Wild's founders Charlie and Fred hit on the idea for a deodorant subscription offering after noticing that that people loved the convenience of subscription services, but weren't keen on the amount of plastic waste many such services involved (amen to that).

They wanted to make reusable / compostable products to sell to a growing market of sustainability-focused customers.

So their deodorant was designed to tick all the right boxes:

  • Wild deodorant comes in an aluminium case with refills that are made of bamboo pulp and are compostable
  • they also plant trees to offset their carbon emissions. They've planted over 200,000 trees and are carbon-negative as a company
  • they've saved ~80,000kg of single use plastic from being dumped in landfills.

In short: what they're doing in the deodorant market, is very much what I hope Tidy will help do in the shampoo for men market one day: show the incumbent brands how to do better.

Their success isn't going unnoticed either; startups.co.uk named them 5th on the 2023 Startups 100 index.

Back to the shampoo bar.

If you read their mission they aren't solely focused on deodorants;

"Millions of bathroom products are thrown away every year and the sustainable and natural alternatives out there don't cut it — until now. At Wild, we want to shake-up the throwaway culture of bathroom products with high-performing products made from natural ingredients that never compromise on convenience or efficacy."

"Bathroom products" is a broad term and now includes solid shampoo bars and soaps.

They currently only offer one version of their Wild shampoo; Coconut and Vanilla.

The bar is "enriched with natural ingredients like sweet almond oil and jojoba oil" (we use both of those in our Tidy shampoo bars too 😉 ).

In their "why switch to a solid shampoo bar" they explain;

"Wild's shampoo bar is here to shake-up the personal care industry. Shampoo bars are proven to last 2-3 times longer than liquid shampoo due to the concentrated formula - and with no plastic packaging at all, it's a win-win.
Our shampoo bar is vegan and powered by plants, without any harsh chemicals or sulfates and will leave all hair types nourished, shiny and healthy!"

Why is this exciting for me and Tidy?

Well, the more brands that offer solid shampoo bars, for men and women, the more likely it is that people will lose their bottle and switch to solid shampoo.

The more people that do that, the closer we'll be to our primary goal at Tidy: to reduce the number of shampoo bottles thrown out in the UK each year by men from ~64 million to 0.

So, as I said when Head & Shoulders joined the solid club; if you're thinking of buying a Tidy bar at the moment: don't. Go buy a Wild solid shampoo bar instead and help encourage them to keep going with their mission too.

It would be tidy if Tidy didn't need to exist.

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