Sharing is caring - supporting other purpose driven brands via OHANA

Hopefully if you've read one or more of my blog posts here on the Tidy blog you'll have picked up on the fact that Tidy is a purpose driven brand.

100% purpose driven.

Not profit driven.

Not sales driven.

Not marketshare driven.

Purpose driven.

Yes, profits, sales, and marketshare are important, but at Tidy they are means to an end, not the end in itself.

The purpose of Tidy is to reduce the number of single use shampoo bottles that men in the UK throw out each year from ~64 million to 0.

The plan is not to do that by growing Tidy to be the dominant men's shampoo product in the UK market, nor by selling the most shampoo possible. The plan is to show other shampoo makers that there is a market for this class of plastic free product and that it's worth their while ditching the bottle and making solid shampoo themselves.

Some are starting to try doing just that...

The challenge with this plan is that as an unknown brand it's really difficult to find customers.

It's a hurdle that any new brand has in any market and one that, unfortunately, most fail to overcome.

Fortunately for Tidy, and other purpose driven brands, a new service called OHANA is seeking to help.

OHANA is a network of purpose driven brands that partner with each other to share their customers.

The idea is that customers who are interested in buying products from brands who focus on reducing plastic waste, sustainability, ethical manufacturing, making things that last, etc will enjoy finding other likeminded brands and their products.

And by sharing each other's products with customers of those likeminded brands, each brand can find new audiences who are likely to be interested not only what they sell, but their mission too.

Tidy is now a member and has partnered with a number of other really great companies from the network (more on them below).

The way it works is that when you now buy a Tidy men's solid shampoo bar you will see products from brands we've partnered with via OHANA after you complete your order. If you're interested in any of those products you can follow a link to their website and find out more about the product and the company making them.

Those same partners will show Tidy products to their customers in a similar way.

I think that's a win win. Our collective customers discover interesting products that fit with their preferences for buying from purpose driven companies, and those challenger companies get to reach a wider, but highly targeted audience in a (hopefully!) un-intrusive way.

We've currently partnered with five brands via the network:

  • Bambino merino - makers of merino based clothing, sleeping bags and blankets for babies. Their merino fabric is responsibly made using ethically sourced yarn, their cotton is certified organic and their products are all made by people in small, family owned factories with an admirable code of conduct.
  • Booheads - makers of plastic-free electric toothbrush heads that are biodegradable, eco-friendly and sustainably designed.
  • Free Star non-alcoholic beer - a B CORP whose brewing technique emits 50% less CO2, uses 75% less water, 60% less energy and 40% less waste than other non-alcoholic beers.
  • Hlthpunk - a line of organic plant based condiments, including the world’s first ever oat based vegan mayo.
  • Pala - an eyewear maker focused on producing high quality, long-lasting eyewear that funds change in eyecare in Africa.


Let me know what you think if you see one of these brands in our post order screens at Tidy. And do point other purpose driven businesses you know to OHANA.

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