Why Tidy is a business not a non-profit

One of the goals of Tidy is to prove that there is profit to be made when making great solid shampoo for men that's eco-friendly and sustainable.

Let me explain why...

To get to a world where the number of shampoo bottles thrown out by men in the UK each year is zero instead of the estimated 64 million they currently generate several things to change:

  1. we need consumer behaviour to change. We need all men buying and using solid shampoo instead of liquid shampoo
  2. to get consumer behaviour change, we need better access to solid shampoos for men, which means needing retailers to change their offering to include more solid shampoo options
  3. to get retailers to offer more solid shampoo options we need shampoo manufacturers to make more solid shampoo for men.

Retailers will tell you that they stock what customers demand.

Manufacturers will tell you that they manufacture what retailers demand.

So Tidy needs to prove there is demand for mens solid shampoo.

The famous product adoption curve tells us that to get to mass market adoption we need to first convince innovators to use our product, then early adopters, then the early majority, followed by the late majority and finally the laggards.

Reaching innovators and early adopters is the focus for a small company like Tidy. We can generate, and then supply, the initial demand for mens solid shampoo from those trailblazers willing to try something new and different to their normal liquid shampoo.

But realistically one company won't be able scale to cope with supplying the whole of the rest of the men's shampoo market, however well funded or organised that company is.

So, to reach our goal of zero shampoo bottles being thrown out in the UK each year, Tidy has to prove not only that there is demand for our product, but that there is profit to be made when meeting that demand.

Doing so will help our cause in two ways:

In the short term being profitable will allow us to invest in reaching and convincing the innovators and early adopters to try solid shampoo and to permanently change their buying habits, moving us along the product adoption curve.

In the medium to long term being profitable while meeting the early demand gives us a better chance of convincing the retailers and manufacturers who peddle liquid shampoos that the mens solid shampoo market is attractive enough for them to move into and get involved with. Hopefully enabling a broader adoption of solid shampoo in the market, pushing us further along the product adoption curve.

That's why we're determined to build a sustainable, profitable business.

That's Tidy.

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