Sustainability has to be about a product’s entire end to end lifecycle

Our solid shampoo bars are delivered by Royal Mail.

We could have chosen to use a faster more “prime” like service.

We could have chosen to use a more convenient delivery service.

We could use a cheaper service.

But a key goal of ours is to have as low an impact on the environment as possible.

We chose to use Royal Mail to deliver our bars because doing so means we’re not responsible for adding yet more traffic to our roads.

Your local postie comes by your door while on their rounds whether they have something for you or not.

Couriers and other services have to make special trips to deliver to you.

Where they can, your local postie will also walk on their rounds, so are more environmentally friendly in that regard too.

We believe selling a sustainable, eco-friendly product is about more than just how it’s made.

It has to be about the product’s entire lifecycle.

That’s how we think about our business.

That’s Tidy.

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