Not prime, but better for the planet

When you buy a solid shampoo bar for men from us at Tidy we use Royal Mail to deliver it to you.

They're not the fastest.

Nor are they the cheapest (we don't pass on the full delivery cost to you).

They're not the most convenient from our point of view either (anyone who's had to queue at a post office during lunchtime will attest to that!).

There are many "better" alternatives out there.

But we still choose to use Royal Mail, and for one really important reason:

When our men's solid shampoo is delivered to your door by your local post-person, they'll have been passing your way that day regardless of whether they had your shampoo bar to deliver or not. Which means delivering your Tidy shampoo doesn't add any additional delivery vans, trucks or lorries to our roads.

No extra vehicles or journeys means minimal additional emissions. No additional congestion. Minimal environmental impact.

If you live in a village, town or city there's a good chance your postie walked a good proportion of their rounds too. That's about as environmentally friendly as you can get 😁

One of our goals at Tidy is to make our shampoo as environmentally friendly as possible from cradle to grave. That's why we put a lot of thought into how we deliver your shampoo, and haven't just gone for the cheapest or quickest option available.

Royal Mail may be slower, more expensive and less convenient to use, but we believe it's worth living with those downsides to be able to have a lowest impact on the environment we can.

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