It's nice to make things

One of my favourite things about making Tidy shampoo bars is that they are physical things. Real objects that you can feel, touch, hold and smell!

As someone who's day job involves making things in the digital world, it's nice to have real world product to craft.

It's a joy to take a number of different, seemingly unrelated ingredients and carefully measure, mix and manipulate them into something new. Something more useful.

Yes, all Tidy shampoo bars are made by me, by hand here in Bath, UK.

I don't buy them in. I don't repackage a mass produced product. They are made in small batches of 10-20 bars at a time and carefully cured until ready to be wrapped and shipped to our customers. (If you'd like to try making them yourself read: How to make your own Tidy solid shampoo bars)

Each batch takes between an hour and an hour and a half to make, including prep and clean down time.

Then a minimum of six weeks of turning and checking while they cure and firm up into usable shampoo bars.

It's nice to make things.

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