Introducing our solid shampoo bar's ingredients. Ingredient number 4: Organic Sweet Almond oil

To make solid shampoo bars you need to combine fats (oils), water, and an alkali in a process called saponification.

In previous blog posts we've written about our alkali of choice; Sodium Hydroxide, the most important of the fats we use; Organic Olive oil, and the second most important fat that we use; Organic Coconut oil.

This week, we're introducing one of the special extra fats that we add when making Tidy's Men's solid shampoo bars: organic sweet almond oil.


Organic sweet almond oil - stabilising our shampoo's lather

On it's own organic sweet almond oil doesn't add much lather to a solid shampoo bar, but when mixed with other ingredients that do it stablises their lather. Which makes it easier to wash your hair using less shampoo.

Do more, use less. That's the core philosophy at Tidy. So almond oil's ability to help make a solid shampoo that you can use less of to get the same results, made including it in our men's shampoo a no brainer.

But almond oil's super powers don't stop there...


Lubricating to help wash and style your hair

An additional benefit of including almond oil in our solid shampoo bars for men is that it helps to lubricate your hair both while washing and when styling it post wash.

Our bars are designed to not only wash your hair and scalp really well, but to mildly condition them too.

Almond oil is one of the key ingredients for achieving this.

Many of our customers have reported that washing their hair with Tidy men's shampoo means they no longer need to use an additional conditioner, nor any post wash hair products.

We love that 💪

By using our mens solid shampoo you can use less shampoo for the same number of washes, ditch your conditioner and in many cases stop using styling products too 🙌

Do more, use less.

That's Tidy.

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