Free shipping for 3 solid shampoo bars

Do more. Use less.

That's a core philosophy behind Tidy.

We make men's solid shampoo bars designed specifically to help our customers do more, using less.

One shampoo bar is enough to do more washes than the average bottle of liquid shampoo.

Being bottle free, they produce less waste than liquid shampoos.

Making them requires less water than liquid shampoos.

We only use organic ingredients, and as few ingredients as possible to formulate our solid shampoo. Which also reduces the impact our shampoo has on the planet compared with liquid shampoos.

When we post Tidy shampoo bars to customers we use less packaging than many liquid shampoo brands, and it's all recycled and compostable or recyclable.

When using our solid shampoo you get more washes and the planet gets less waste to deal with and fewer resources consumed. Win win.

But we're always looking for ways to get better. To lead by example and to do more using less.

So for a while now we've had a special shipping option for customers who really like our shampoo: Buy three bars at a time and get FREE shipping.


Sending three bars to you at a time saves on packaging. It saves on transport emissions. It reduces the number of visits we need to make to the post office. And, frankly, it reduces our per bar shipping costs.

All of which adds up to you getting the same great solid shampoo bars delivered to your door, with all the associated benefits for the planet of buying one at a time, and these additional benefits on top.

We think that's worth encouraging. So we do.

To get free shipping on your order, just add three bars to your shopping bag on our website and it will automatically be applied.

If you're a FIRST 100 club member, you too can get free shipping by ordering three bars at a time and you can add your lifetime discount to the order too.

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